Galvanized Pot - Pine Tree

Galvanized Pot - Pine Tree  
HKD $79.00
  • Very attractively priced, our Pine Tree set is a perfect winter gift.
  • Includes: Galvanized pot, seeds, starting soil, instructions, growing tips.
  • Dimensions: 105(l)*105(w)*110(h)mm
  • Product Code: PG-7588
Step 1

Using a fork, mix the dehydrated soil with water into a container of your choice and then place the obtained soil into the Paris Garden supplied pot.

Step 2

You should disolve soil in twice their volume of water approximately.

Step 3

Then, empty 3/4 of the obtained soil into the supplied pot.

Step 4

Then, sow seeds spacing them 5mm to 1cm apart from one another.

Step 5

Eventually, cover the seeds with the remaining soil (Approx. 1cm).

  • An average indoor temperature 18 to 28 degrees Celsius is best.
  • In winter put plants that are near windows into a warmer corner of the room at night.
  • In summer mist the air and your plant to give more moisture & reduce temperature.
  • Avoid exposing plants to too much direct strong sunlight.
  • Do not place plants near direct source of heat or air conditioners.
  • Keep soil moist but not over watered.
  • Water more during hot days and less during cold days.
  • Bay windows provide a perfect lighting environment.
  • Placing plants under white light bulbs for 2 to 3 hours a day during dark days can promote growing.
  • Plants need to rest so do not leave them under light 24hrs a day.
  • Rotate your plants at least once a week.
  • Use of fertilizer is recommended for best results.
  • Read fertiliser instructions clearly and do not over-fertilise.
  • Before fertilising, place pots into a ventilated spot to help absorption.
  • Avoid fertilising during rainy days and cold days.
  • At Paris Garden, we believe gardening should be fun & easy.
  • Our kits have been specially designed for seeds to germinate in best possible conditions. 
  • Plants can be started in our indoors & moved outdoors after danger of last frost.
  • For best results, plants that have fully germinated can be transplanted to a bigger pot with fresh natural soil.             

Type : Perennial (Roots will survive from year to year)
Light : Full Sun (6 hours a day or more)
Germination days : 15
Replant Pine quickly after germination into a large pot with natural soil.

Place the SOIL PELLETS in a separate bowl & add 1 cup of lukewarm water.
Wait 5 mns for  the soil to absorb the water .
Fluff the soil with a fork.
Add ¾ of the soil into the supplied pot.
Open the seeds packets and sprinkle the seeds evenly on the soil.
(There are usually more seeds than needed in our packets. Do not use them all & space each seed
  from one to another by at least 5mm. You can use the remaining seeds for another plantation).
Cover the seeds with the remainder of soil.
Place in a sunny location.
If your kit is supplied with VERMICULITE instead of soil pellet, just pour the Vermiculite within the pots and sow the seeds as above described and then water.

Ahead of  filling the pot with soil, find few little stones to place at the bottom of the pot.
That will help water drainage.
Water your plantation daily with a sprayer or mist bottle to keep constant moisture.
Do not let the soil to become soggy or seeds will rot.
Turn pot everydays so all sides receive ample sunlight.
18 to 28 degrees Celsius temperature is best.
Use of Fertilizer is recommended for best results.
It is recommended to transplant your plants in a bigger pot with fresh soil once they have germinated .
To transplant, moisten the seedbed. Then, carefully separate the seedbed from the pot.
Take special care not to damage the stems and the roots.
Replant into a larger container, with fresh soil or in your garden.